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Start your Business in UAE the Smart Way

Dubai Sky View

Sharjah Free Zone

E-commerce license Starting from

AED 5,500
  • Inclusive of Office Lease Agreement for Banking purposes
  • Inclusive of 3-5 Activities
  • Multiple shareholders permitted
  • Combine E-commerce & Media Activities
  • Upgrade to visa packages at a nominal cost, if required
  • Most cost-effective free zone in the UAE
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Dubai Free Zone

Starting from

AED 11,900
  • Upgrade to 1 Visa FREE FOR LIFE for AED 17,900 Only.
  • Guaranteed renewal rate for 3 years!
  • Up to 30% discount for multi-year licenses
  • Lease agreement included for Banking purposes
  • Inclusive of 3 business activities
  • Prestigious Dubai Address with PO Box & Mail Management
  • Dedicated Account Manager through out your licensing tenure
  • Bank Account Opening Assistance with a Reputed UAE Bank
Dubai Sea View

Dubai Mainland

License with 100% ownership Starting from

AED 14,999
  • 2 Year Dubai Multi-Entry Residency Visa
  • NO Local UAE Sponsor FEE
  • NO Paid-up Shared Capital
  • FREE Company Stamp
  • FREE Dubai P O Box number
  • FREE Meeting room access in a prestigious Dubai Office location for 5 hours a month
  • 1,000+ Professional Activities available

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Abdul Ilyas
Abdul Ilyas
Great service start to finish 🥇
Jessica Mopotu
Jessica Mopotu
Had such quick and easy experience with SA Consultants. Maha and Muhammad were an ABSOLUTE DREAM to work with from start to finish. I would highly recommend using SA Consultants for all your visa and business needs - it’s worth every cent!
Adnan Khan
Adnan Khan
Quite satisfied with their service, Mr. Saqib has been instrumental in getting us settled in UAE. From busines setup to accounts management & auditing everything under one roof.
Social Bayti Real Estate
Social Bayti Real Estate
We are immensely pleased with the level of service provided by SA Consultants. All of our requirements have been efficiently and flawlessly accomplished and we have the utmost confidence in recommending their services to others.
Atif Bashir
Atif Bashir
The best audit firm In the UAE HIGHLY recommend PROFESSIONAL team The MD Mr. Omar is the best resource for firm and business partners.
Rana Ammar
Rana Ammar
"I highly recommend this company for anyone looking to start a business in the UAE. They helped me with everything from company formation to bank account opening and made the entire process stress-free."
Hamza Alvi
Hamza Alvi
"Working with this company is an absolute pleasure. They are knowledgeable, efficient, and made the entire process of starting a business in the UAE simple and straightforward."
Rajula C.P.
Rajula C.P.
I highly recommend them for their accounting services, great staff 🙌


The procedure to setup your business in Dubai is very simple.

  1. Determine the nature of your company.
  2. Select a location (Whether you wish to start a business in a Free Zone, on the Mainland, or Offshore).
  3. Choose a company name that adheres to the UAE’s naming guidelines.
  4. Complete the paperwork for incorporation.
  5. Make an application for a business license.
  6. Open a bank account.
  7. Apply for a visa.

Once you are done with the above-discussed steps, the procedure for company setup in Dubai is complete, and you are ready to commence your business.

If you’re looking forward to a company setup in UAE, here is a list of some of the most lucrative business ideas in Dubai for your consideration.

  1. Construction Sector
  2. E-Commerce Solutions
  3. Travel and Tourism
  4. Real Estate Agency
  5. Health Sector
  6. Handyman Business
  7. Consultancy Service
  8. Beauty Salon
  9. Restaurant Business
  10. Cleaning Services

Being the most successful business management consultant in Dubai we are the master of an endless amount of information while formulating the solution, which requires a team of wise minds. We have an arsenal of frameworks memorized, but organized thinking also thinking efficient application to put across spontaneous and best solutions.

We are professionals for company registration in Dubai who are collaborative with our clients and our prompt decision-making abilities give us an exclusive stand. We are so limpid and prominent that you need not have an eagle’s eye to choose us as your business solution partner. We are logical, analytical and good strategies planners for the mainland company formation.

The United Arab Emirates is a global strategic business hub. Its tax-free environment is thought to be the best for practically all business sectors. Communal rioting and agitation are not permitted in Dubai. Dubai is ranked 19th among the safest countries in the world.

Dubai has a 5% VAT rate, which is amongst the lowest in the world, bringing a large number of businesses to the city. There are other benefits of setting up business in Dubai, like 100% foreign ownership, ease in obtaining a visa, etc.

Unleash the Benefits of Business Setup in Dubai

  1. Growing & diverse economy
  3. Great tax benefits
  5. Low import duty
  7. Legal framework
  9. Easy availibility of manpower
  11. Investment support and promotion by the government
  13. Strategic geographic location
  15. Quality lifestyle and culture of excellence
  17. Visionary leadership
  19. Double taxation avoidance agreements of UAE
  21. Free trade agreements
  23. Strong & competitive business market
  25. Multicurrency bank accounts
  27. 100% repatriation of profits
  29. Open trading hub
  31. Get free consultation button as well on this section

Depending on the jurisdiction you choose, different documentation will be required. During business setup, you will often be required to get the following documents:

  1. Copies of the partners’ and the owner’s passports
  2. Trade name registration certificate
  3. Business plan
  4. Company’s Memorandum of Association (MoA) and other statutory documents 
  5. Filled-out application form
  6. Tenancy agreement’s copy.

Raising cash, paying for licenses, and obtaining staff visas are all part of the process of business setup in the UAE. The cost of establishing a business is determined on the basis of:
The nature of the business activity and the license required to start the business. Whether the activity is commercial, industrial, or service-oriented.
Whether the business is an establishment, a company, or a subsidiary of a corporate entity.

Commercial Business License in Dubai

Businesses engaged in contracting and general trading should have commercial licenses. Companies located in the UAE are now able to conduct business both inside and outside of the UAE, thanks to this license. Transportation, real estate, cryptocurrency, healthcare, media, publishing, oil and gas, chemicals, gold and precious metals, spare parts, vehicles, safety equipment, and many other industries require commercial business licenses in Dubai.

Industrial Business License in Dubai

Manufacturing businesses must operate with industrial business licenses. Companies requesting this license must have a physical office in the United Arab Emirates. In Dubai, large-scale producers of goods, including dairy products, feed for animals and birds, meat products, carpets, and other comparable industries often apply for an industrial business license.

Professional Business License in Dubai

In order to conduct business in Dubai, any organization or person that intends to benefit by utilizing people’s intellectual abilities must first get a professional business license. If the ownership of such a company is in the hands of several individuals, then it is registered as a Civil Works Company. Businesses engaged in insurance, consulting, IT and IT infrastructure, marketing, computers, environmental operations, tax, or management are frequently required to get a professional license in Dubai.

Agricultural Business License In Dubai

You must apply for an agricultural business license in Dubai if your firm utilizes land for growing crops, raising livestock, operating fish farms, building greenhouses, or selling pesticides.

Craftsmanship Business License in Dubai

Any person in Dubai who works independently and engages in a specific craft for profit must submit an application for this kind of business license. This often comprises tradespeople like plumbers, electricians, blacksmiths, and carpenters.

Tourism Business License in Dubai

In Dubai, businesses that specialize in tourism can apply for this kind of business license. This group of businesses includes travel companies, lodging facilities, cruise ships, floating eateries, tourist camps, and other similar businesses.

Mainland Business Setup

Make My Firm company formation and business setup services in Dubai can help you with a convenient onshore company setup in UAE. Until your onshore company is properly established and flourishing in all directions, we handle all obligations and the challenging procedure of mainland business formation in Dubai, UAE.

  • Free Zone Business Setup

When it comes to hassle-free business setup in Free Zone in Dubai, UAE, Sa Consultants UAE Free Zone Business Setup Services are among the finest. By streamlining and synchronizing the complicated process of business registration in the UAE, we assist you in lowering your company formation costs.

  • Offshore Business Setup

Make My Firm assists with offshore company formation in the UAE. To ensure the success of the business, we handle every facet of your offshore business setup in the UAE and offer a complete insight into how offshore companies operate in the UAE.

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